To: Dietrich H. Frethl, CEO of Uni Terraforming GMBH

From: John Shelher, security coordinator, Outer Regions Dept.

Subject: Incident at Heridia II

Date: 15/05/2670

Dear Mr Frethl,

As previosly informed the rebelled colony militia gained control of main generator building, which is crucial for smooth terraforming process. Unfortunately, due to local low-level menagment imcompetence, after a few days of siege the overground part of the million-worth complex was completly ruined and still under rebel control. Fortunatelly most part of crucial elements of generator are hidden deep below ground level levels.

To save the situation I personally called support from local security outsoursing company to save the situation and regain control over company property.

With quick strike mercenary forces managed to control the hill dominating the area and after meeting the desperate resistance from militia hiding in the ruins they were ordered to do not puch forward to avoid further damages of infrastructure and cease-fire for negotiations was agreed. Althought negotiations with terrorist aren't our company practice I would like to stress was the decision was made to minimalize the damages of valuable assets and to get additional time.

Unfortunately, yesterday around 16:40 the first space bugs start to gather and attack both our forces and rebels. The swarm was attacking from various directions, but our competent soldiers menaged to keep them at the distance by accurate fire.

In the meantime the chaotic firefight between the militia and security forces was started. It is not confirmed who broke the truce, but I am pretty sure that the rebels did it. As the result a two soldiers were killed and a few wounded but also multiple casualties amoung the terrorist were confirmed.

Militia commander didn't show as much compentence and soon the bugs started to ovewhelm rebel defences from both sides.

The situation was saved as in last moment when our spacefighter force arrived and destroyed the bugs using napalm bombs.The perpectives after the incident as quite optimistic. Althought the decimated rebelled forces still holds the generator building our forces still hold the hill and restoring law and order seems to be a matter of time.

Yours sincerely,

John Shelher

Security coordinator

Outer Regions Dept.

Uni Terraforming GMBH

Note: it was the playtest of Broken Negotiations special scenario which is planned to be released in one of the future expansions.