Assault Publishing Studio

Stars and Steel 1.31
  •  10.03.2023 08:26

Yesterday at night I released minor update od Stars and Steel. Version 1.31 corrects a single typo and rebalance (tune down) orbital defences.

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Flying Martian
  •  08.03.2023 20:30

Today I release Flying Martian and Banshee class frigates which form a small mercenary squadron for Stars and Steel with some unique special rules. My friend Ignacy told me a few years ago that I'm not very subtle when I'm using the inspirations and it seems that he was completly right :P

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Assault Publishing Studio runs the club!
  •  01.03.2023 00:23

Now it's official! I have started Assault Publishing Studio wargaming club in Lublin - my home city.

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New Martian Union patterns
  •  30.01.2023 22:07

The new, alternate version of Martian Union patterns are ready for download!

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Marcin K. Gerkowicz

Representative and founder

Iain "Cybershadow" Werry


Maciej “Xardas” Drążkiewicz


GM Boardgames

Friendly company

Łukasz Marko

Illustrator, freelancer

Assault Publishing Studio was created by Marcin Gerkowicz, from the ashes of Assault Publishing, when Marcin decided to go out from the market in 2018. Studio is the band of independent, enthusiastic game designers and its main goal is to make miniature wargame rulesets for free or as low-cost pdfs. The main idea is to create creative environment, which allows its members to support each other and deal with such things like running webpage, make shared marketing and assist in similar simple things.
The studio was formalized when Assault Publishing Studio Common Association has been established in April 2019 and formally registered at 06.05.2019.

Raginisa 16, 20-872 Lublin, Poland
REGISTRY NUMBER: 54 (Lublin city Common Association registry)
REGON: 383268533
NIP: 9462688811
Representative: Marcin Gerkowicz
tel. +48 606 254334 (in afternoon, please)

Legal note: Assault Publishing as company was closed 31.05.2018. Assault Publishing Studio is connected with Assault Publishing only with the person of the founder – Marcin Gerkowicz – who also owns all copyrights of former Assault Publishing games.

Note about buying the printed rulebooks.
According the Polish law the author is allowed to sell his own books without registering the company (as literacy activity). When you ordering the rulebooks on this page you buy them directly from author not from Association.