Stars and Steel is compact, modular and highly playable mass spaceship wargame!What make the Stars and Steel unique?

  • First – it’s really mass scale wargame in the space opera style! Players lead the entire fleets and the basic unit is the squadron of huge warships. The typical mid size fleet can consists of a few dozens destroyers, cruisers and battleships and big fleets can consist of more than a hundred spaceships!
  • The battles can be resolved quicky without bogging into the details, as from game point of view the squadron is considered as whole.
  • Fast, but flexible fleet and sq
    uadron composition, which favours experiments, variety and new combinations. In short: buy commanders, choose one of a few possible pre-set composition for them and fill it with ships from different classes.
  • Squadron commanders skills has crucial role! They are not determined only by the rank (which determines squadron size), but also commanders leading style.
  • Orders, which are divided into basic (performed automatically) and advanced (commander’s test is required) add extra risk menagment aspect.
  • Formation system – the squadron can be in close or loose formation, both have bonuses and penalties.
  • Disorganisation – the squadrons which are under fire start to lose coherency and the breaking enemy formations are very important aspect of the game.
  • Modules – the game is designed as modular from the beginning. Modules add extra rules, scanarios,
    ships and other game aspects.
  • Miniatures, in Nanofleet scale (1:10000), perfect for 3D printing. The game will come with one complete fleet as free stls. Also we consider of cooperation with small companies or other creative people, who would be interested into designing/developing/selling the models.

Stars and Steel can be downloaded for free from Assault Publishing Studio Wargame Vault files repository.