PMC 2670

PMC 2670 is a sophisticated and immersive wargame designed by Assault Publishing Studio, serving as an enhanced edition of the earlier PMC 2640. Set in the tumultuous 27th century, the game plunges players into a universe where humanity has developed advanced technologies and faces significant threats from alien species. The game is rich in detail and offers numerous features that distinguish it from other sci-fi wargames.

Key Features of PMC 2670

Gameplay Mechanics

PMC 2670 retains the core mechanics of its predecessor, PMC 2640, but with several refinements aimed at enhancing gameplay. The game is designed for platoon-scale combat, meaning it can accommodate a range of unit counts, from a few units to several dozen. This scalability is achieved by streamlining the rules to eliminate unnecessary complexity, focusing instead on the essential mechanics that make the game intuitive and engaging.

  • Core Rules: The core rules of PMC 2670 have been polished for clarity and efficiency. The game uses a classic alternate activation system, which ensures that gameplay remains dynamic and interactive.
  • Unit and Team Management: The basic element of the game is the unit/team, with parameters provided for the entire team rather than individual soldiers. This simplifies management while allowing for a variety of equipment types, as long as units are recognizable and visually appealing.

Diverse Units and Scenarios

PMC 2670 offers a wide array of units and scenarios, ensuring that each game session is unique. The game includes dozens of unit entries, six scenarios, and a couple of terrain generators. This diversity allows players to experience different tactical challenges and opportunities each time they play.

  • Factions and Units: Players can choose from multiple factions, including mercenaries, space bugs, rebels, and aliens. Each faction has unique units with distinct abilities and roles on the battlefield.
  • Scenarios and Terrain: The game includes multiple scenarios and terrain generators that influence the strategic dynamics of each battle. Terrain pieces are not just decorative; they provide critical advantages such as cover, firepower bonus and line-of-sight blocks, enhancing tactical depth.

Campaign System

One of the standout features of PMC 2670 is its comprehensive campaign system. Unlike traditional wargames that offer a linear series of scenarios, PMC 2670 allows players to develop their PMCs through continuous play. Commanders gain funds to recruit new troops, upgrade existing units, and expand their forces based on performance in battles.

  • Development and Progression: The campaign system involves gaining resources and experience points, which can be used to improve units and unlock new capabilities. This system adds a strategic layer to the game, as players must manage resources and plan for long-term growth.
  • Dynamic Campaigns: Campaigns are designed to be dynamic and responsive, with quicker progress at the beginning and mechanisms to prevent a snowball effect. This ensures that all players have opportunities to compete and succeed, regardless of early-game performance.

Morale System

The morale system in PMC 2670 is designed to reflect the realistic psychological impacts of combat. Rather than a simple pass/fail check, morale is managed through suppression points. Units accrue these points when under fire, and high levels of suppression can lead to units becoming suppressed or breaking entirely.

  • Suppression Points: Suppression points accumulate based on enemy fire, reducing a unit’s effectiveness. This system requires players to carefully manage their troops' exposure to enemy attacks.
  • Impact of Losses: Every soldier lost in a unit reduces its overall morale, mimicking real-life scenarios where losses can demoralize troops. This aspect adds a layer of realism and strategic depth, as commanders must consider both physical and psychological factors .

Optional Rules and Environments

The PMC 2670 rulebook includes additional chapters with optional rules that allow for combat in various environments, adding further depth and variety to the game.

  • Special Environments: Players can engage in battles in unusual atmospheres, low/high gravity conditions, and areas with environmental anomalies. These conditions affect gameplay, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly.
  • Underground Combat: One chapter is dedicated to underground combat, introducing unique challenges and opportunities for tactical maneuvers.


PMC 2670 is a richly detailed and engaging wargame that offers a unique blend of tactical depth, strategic planning, and immersive storytelling. Its refined mechanics, diverse units, and dynamic campaign system make it a standout choice for fans of sci-fi wargaming. Whether you're a veteran player or new to the genre, PMC 2670 provides a compelling and accessible experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

The game can be downloaded from Wargame Vault.