Printed version of Shadows in the Void with rulebook and all counters included. You can download digital version in pay-as-you-want model from Wargame Vault. Shadows in the Void miniature 1/600 spacefighter range can be bought at


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Shadows in the Void is a unique spacefighter combat miniature wargame based on highly modified core rules of Hind Commander (mainly simplified and streamlined) and inspired by classic ancient Chinese military treatise The Art of War. Unlike most games within the genre, Shadows in the Void focuses on stealth, electronic warfare, and the interactions between spacecraft in your squadron. It certainly is not a “Red Baron in space” ruleset – you won’t see many dogfights during the battles. Why would advanced war machines of the far future use tactics which became obsolete in mid-20th century? Of course, they look very appealing on screen, but not necessarily on the gaming table.