Dark Portents – Sneak Peek
  •  31.10.2020 16:03

Gustav glanced left and right, eyes sweeping along the front rank of his unit, and his spirit soared. He felt invincible. In the distance, the Orc horde massed, but he had no concern. He shifted the spear in his right hand, finding the centre of gravity as his unit stood on the left flank of the mighty army. There was no noise, but something in the air shifted. A tension intensified. They were coming. His commander bellowed, incomprehensible, but the unit had drilled until they could do this in their sleep. As one, a grunt emerged from every man in the front rank as they shifted their weight forward, driving the haft of the spear into the dirt at their feet. A second order followed and the second rank spoke as one, and spears interlaced between each pair of men at the front.

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