14 May

After a few months of work we can present you our new website. It's lighter, faster, cleaner and more modern than previous script and it allows to add new content very easy, which can simplify our work and allow more frequent updates.

Old Wordpress site had been with Assault Publishing / Assault Publishing Studio since 2011, with different skins, functionalities, plug-ins, etc. but it became too heavy and complicated to be user friendly and it was high time to dismiss it.

We have removed most of old news about game updates and minor informations which have no added value at this moment. Also old orders@assaultpublishing.com e-mail is not valid anymore as it was confusing and spam infested. If you wish to reach us you can easily find new e-mail in contact us below.

Stay tuned: you can expect new updates soon, especially about PMC 2670, which is my top-priority at this moment. I also prepared some nice detail for 1st anniversary of Stars and Steel wargame!



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