29 Jan

The military have an expression - The first casualty of any battle is the plan. This might as well have been the theme for my 2019. I made the mistake of checking the project tracker on the Assault Publishing website recently..... What is it that they say about good intentions?

Anyway, I wanted to check in briefly to look back on 2019, re-evaluate the plans for the various projects, and then talk about what is in store for me into 2020... and remind everyone that I am still here!

2019 was an odd year for gaming, for me. On the one hand, I got very little tangible done, few minis painted and clearly no huge updates on projects here. However, on the other hand, it was one of my best gaming years. This is due to a few factors, but primarily its because I decided to take more charge of my hobby last year. I used to very much play games that my group loved playing, and this was fine but it wasn't very satisfying. Instead, in 2019, I decided that alongside playing what the rest of the guys were playing (Dust, Carnevale, Bushido) I would also look at a few games that I really love, and maybe just build two armies for these and see if anyone else was interested. To this end, I have started putting together an Ork army for Epic Armageddon, and I have a few other projects in the wings.

On top of that, while there have been no updates on Dark Portents, I have continued to work on these rules, and the first draft are now complete and I have started putting together a book of background lore, army lists, etc. Something to work on as playtesting the initial rules gets started. I plan to go into the playtesting the development of the rules and background of this at full force in 2020.

So, about 2020..... My goals are going to be relatively modest. Get an Ork army painted and completed for Epic Armageddon. Get two (or more) small forces assembled and painted for Dark Portents, and then expanded on. Anything beyond that is going to be icing on a happy cake. When I get Dark Portents moving and get some momentum behind it, I want to go back to Depth Charged and reassess where I am with that and restart work on those rules. We also might have a few surprises in store for you from Assault Publishing this year that are currently under wraps. Outside of in house stuff, and beyond Epic, I want to get into Adeptus Titanicus and maybe Aeronautica Imperialis to complete that family of games. First, and most importantly for my own motivation, I am attempting to resurrect my own blog to put some personal projects, updates and more general posts on. I would also like to make moves to get into ancient gaming, and I have a pile of Dust and CAV and 40K minis that need attention...... but lets see how my reflections are in 12 months when 2020 is over and done!


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