21 Dec

Closing a business started from passion is always difficult and I never claimed that it was a pleasure. I was running Assault Publishing ("business variant") for 7 years and I left a big part of myself in it, but life is life and not always everything goes as we planned. As you remember we established the Assault Publishing Studio and we used the first few months to shape it. Honestly a few months ago I counted the Studio as a small experiment for me and honestly I wasn't sure of the final result. More than half-year passed and I think it's time for a few conclusions.

Now I think that it evolved into something which we can call "a little think-tank" (please do not confuse with Gruber's little tank). In rules development, a lot is behind the scenes as every project is time-consuming (I think designing the games from the outside probably looks as boring-as-hell nerdy work) and requires a huge amount of focus with shorter-or-longer breaks to refresh the brain. If you are looking for inspiration or an idea, or wish that another designer looks mercilessly on your "perfect" project, the Studio is everything you need!

So what have we managed to do? Firstly, we released the first ruleset - "Glorious Lands". We boosted the development of some old projects and started some new ones. We formed a group of worldwide-scattered, helpful people. We are working on other big games and we generally are going forward consequently. Also, we started blogging about wargames trying to do it as constantly as possible (Iain is definitely the best in it!).

What we failed? I think I need to reconsider the patronage system. Despite my best efforts, I cannot make regular prizes for patrons as in my spare time I'm really focused on writing rules. I'm really sorry if somebody feels disappointed! I know, it's not for money. Studio costs are not high, but for grander rulesets you need to invest some real cash, and I wish to make the system more project focused. I will change it from the beginning of the year.

We wish you Merry Christmas and the best rolls in 2019!

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