23 Sep

I have two good new today! The first is that taday I have a birthday and I launched some sale action for my printed rulebooks in Assault Publishing Store. Until the end of the month you  can buy them 20-25% cheaper than normally. Still I have a couple of the high-quality, full-colour, printed copies of PMC 2670 left. Just go to the store below and grab them. :)

The next good news is that I work on PMC 2670 supplement called "The Highest Bid".

This supplement is intended for competevite games and adds complete tournament/event system, with special composition, 6 dedicated, fast scenarios, options, new rules, and "SLAM "- huge, multiplayer battles, perfect as final games of your events. "PMC 2670 - The Highest Bid" is perfect also for quick campaigns and club leagues,

It should be ready within a few months and it is the first of a few supplements I would like to prepare for this game in the future. Stay tuned and enjoy the great arkwork prepared by Octavian for "PMC 2670 - THB".

PMC 2670 core rules can be downlaoded at Assault Publishing Studio section at Wargames Vault!

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