26 Dec

On one side, a few last months were a little hard for me (I was really busy at work and we moved to a new house), which affected my hobby activities. On another side, if you follow our Facebook page, I have revealed our next project - Hind Commander 2.0 and I can tell you that the lion's share of the rules is ready!

To keep me on track and keep me away from excuses, I decided to new version at Ragnarok convention in Sosnowiec (southern Poland in Silesia region) at 23.IV.2022!

So the challenge is as follows:

  1. I will prepare at least fully playable beta rules until this date;
  2. I will have complete new Strike groups painted and battle ready;
  3. I will prepare new terrain / board for Hind Commander at Ragnarok;
  4. I will post about the game and work every two weeks.

Challenge hit the web and there is no one step backwards! Keep the fingers crossed!


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