09 Apr

I've just made a little errata / clarification for PMC 2670. I'm very happy that after nearly two years there were found only tiny details which require minor corrections.

The detailed list is below:

Basic Firepower

In some situation, the term Basic Firepower is used. In such case, the D10 roll for shooting is modified ONLY by Firepower and the number of models in the shooting unit. Attacks resolved with basic firepower (including Indirect fire, aircraft etc.) are not counted for Crossfire fire in any way nor get benefits from it.

Indirect Fire

In addition to shooting at targets within their line of sight, units with the Indirect Fire rule may attack targets designated by units with the Markerlights or Smoke markers rule. The target still has to be within range of the shooting unit. Units with Indirect Fire always use Basic Firepower, even when firing at targets in their line of sight. See the Markerlights rule below for details. As we consider that Indirect fire is form of area attack from above the linear terrain such like low walls always provide cover whatever is the direction of the attack, but on another side if Indirect Fire is combined with Destructive Weapon special rule such terrain can be always destroyed if the unit is near to it.

Secure and Control scenario

Game length

The game ends after 20 turns or when one player holds all objectives in the End phase or if one player holds constantly two objectives the same objectives in the three following end phases End phases.

Merc/Rebels campaign

Amazing Stamina. The unit adds 1 to its Movement parameter.


Deserters and POWs do not follow army special rule.


Added limit of two Infected humans per priority level.

Fleet of Foot.

The unit moves M+4” at Move and Assault actions.


Mental Projection (army rule)

Xenotripods are able to share accurate information about their surroundings with other members of the tribe. If an enemy unit is seen by at least one unbroken Xenotripod unit, it is also visible to all other units in the Xenotripod army. Also this special rule allows Xenotripod units to shoot through LoS-blocking terrain if they have the Indirect Fire rule without use of Markerlights (which can be used to get their other bonuses).

Dual-mode Weapons.

When shooting at targets in LoS, units with Indirect Fire special rule get all standard modifiers (i.e. they are no longer shooting with Basic Firepower). Does not affect aircraft.

Appendix close encounters

Doors are simply counted as destructible terrain.

I've uploaded txt file with this errata to our Wargame Vault section (for the people who printed the rulebook) and I have updated the updated rulebook.

You can get PMC 2670 here:  https://www.wargamevault.com/product/369387/PMC-2670

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