10 Sep

Today the PMC 2670 rules was updated, The update includes changed Assault rules and a few units balance,

The new rules makes the defending agains assault-orientated armies (most notably Space Bugs) a little more challenging and blobs consist of a few good shooting units stopped to be nearly no-brainer universal defence against the charges. Now the Space bugs should be able to fight with other armies on equal terms especially if some army rules was a little buffed.

Flamethrowing units was updated for better balance and remove confusing situations with battle-armour troops,

I have reduce the unit Tier of mortar units, to be interesting option for Merc armies.

I hope you like a new rules. If you got any feedback you know how to find me :)

Best regards, and have fun.


PMC 2670 can be downloaded at our Wargame Vault


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