22 Dec

As announced before I've just re-opened Assault Publishing Studio Wargame Vault store as promised.

Also I'm very happy to introduce the first models to my new 2670 line! It is small (at this moment) range of 15mm sci-fi miniatures designed for PMC 2670 and other sci-fi games.

The the miniatures are intended for 15mm, which means that the detail level, size and number is adjusted to look the best in this scale - of course noboby disallows you to scale them up or down, but keep in mind that these are primary '15s'! We start with two light tanks and nice collection of varied turrets, basic walls set, reinforced walls, and two objective sets. I'd like to mention that my old, good buddy Piotrek "RIP" Zabrotowicz joined me in task of designing these line.

Maybe the 2670 range is not huge now, but I'm going to add new models gradually as soon as the are ready.

Whole range can be seen at our Wargame Vault section: 


I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and the best rolls in your life-game in 2024!

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