01 Jan

To cut a long story short: in the Summer I had a nasty traffic accident - while I was riding a bicycle I was hit by a car from the rear. I suffered some bad injuries; broken ribs, hospital time, surgery, long, but still ongoing rehab, nothing I would recommend as a cool form of spending the Summer holidays. While I was in hospital after my surgery, I spent some time designing spacecraft as a form of morale booster, and I designed the 23rd Light Squadron for Stars and Steel, and wrote the rules for them.

Now, when the miniatures had been printed (after later corrections) and painted, I have put the STLs on Wargame Vault and added the rules to the rulespack.

As it's quite a special squadron, made in special conditions, I decided that all of the tips we get from this will go directly to Porozumienie Rowerowe - a non-profit organisation from my city. Porozumienie Rowerowe (Cycling Alliance) is an organisation promoting cycling in Lublin. Its aim is for everyone in Lublin to be able to cycle quickly, safely and comfortably. Porozumienie is engaged in practical bicycle education, during which they teach how to ride on the streets. Also they lobby for the development of cycling infrastructure, organise cycling events such as tours, critical masses (mass rides of cyclists through the city) or cycling breakfasts (a campaign to thank people for cycling to work or school). The donations will be passed automatically after deducting Wargame Vault's commission.

Also, I have included some challenges for you. The first is to try to find my birthday date (in the format DD.MM.YY) hidden in this squadron (with an explanation of how you did it - checking my profile is not enough!). The winner will get a printed copy of Hind Commander or Shadows in the Void.

The second challenge is to find an easter egg hidden somewhere in the previous mercenary squadrons (Iain, Maciek - keep silence!). For the first person to find this and put the right answer in the comments (only on the Assault Publishing Studio Facebook profile or on this post) will be able to design together with us a personal flagship for Stars and Steel, or a mercenary squadron, according to the winners choice (within technical possibilities and our skills of course). This model or squadron will be added to the official downloads with a proper description reflecting eternal glory for the winner :)

23rd Light Squaron can be downloaded at our Wargame Vault Page. Rules was added to the main rulepack.

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