25 Jan

I've just made a little rules Starts and Steel update. The main rules was updated to version 1.11. This is the minor balancing update which changes only Point Defence parameter of corvettes (page 12, update to from 3 to 5). It makes them attractive choice after changing the damage rules and other ships parameters in version 1.1 from September 2020. 

Next, I've added Takamura Clan mercenary squadron - the powerful top-level unit inspired by samurai stories. Their commander has a few stylish rules - but I will not spoil... Just go to Wargame Vault and download the pdf and three mastercrafted STLs with spaceships made by Igor Plesko! 

Also I have combined all Quick Indentification Charts in single free file. It allows me to easy keep all charts up-to-date and you can preview all published fleets without the need of download them all. It's hard to believe, but after about 8 months after game release we have 11 fleets, some auxiliaries and unique mercenary squadrons and this number still counting. Keep in mind that everything you can get for free (to be precise in pay-as-you-want model). I think it's really nice result, but I wouldn't be possible without a few really fine and talented people, who are involved in the project. Thank you, guys! 

I work on the rules of planetary invasions and a few connected with them scenarios, but I have to split the time between Stars and Steel and PMC 2670, which is getting close to the end and will consume a lot of time within incoming weeks.

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