10 Jul

Sorry for lack of updates of Stars and Steel in last few months. I was a little overwhelmed at work and I'm moving to the new house within a couple of weeks. Also I'd like to release PMC 2670 at the beginning of September with a little luck, so I spent nearly all free time on that project.

But I have something for you - I designed my first set of auxiliary spaceships in STLs. It consists of 3 different classes of transport ship with different cargo loads (modular conteneirs) and escort vessels based on them - 18 stl's in total. They are designed to match the rules from Defences & Auxiliaries for S'n'S

Sorry for lack of photos of painted models - unfortunately I found no time to sit with a brush, but I managed to print all of them - so don't worry, the files are tested :)

The rules of Stars and Steel, STL files for fleets and other Assault Publishing Studio games can be downloaded at Wargame Vault in Pay as You Want model!

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