09 Jan

A couple of week ago I revealed Hind Commander 2.0. The first version is nearly 11 years old and definitely it deserved refreshing and remastering.New version is based on feedback I've collected and observations how the players use the rules. While PMC 2670 was perfected and enlarged PMC 2640 ruleset, Hind Commander 2.0 in practice was written from scratch using Hind Commander 2011 concepts.

To make long story short - 10 major changes are as follows:

  1. HC 2.0 is much simplier and player-friendly than HC 2011;
  2. Hind Commander 2.0 is planned as modular system;
  3. Parameters are simplified;
  4. There is no written orders anymore;
  5. 6 altitude levels and gone - from game point of view 3 levels (very low, low, medium) are enough;
  6. There is much less dice rolling. Most of actions are resolved by single D10 roll, sometimes followed by D6s;
  7. There is less counters and more minis on the table. Off course hidden objects and recon are still essential part of the game and Lock-ons system is still in use;
  8. It's more focused on solitaire and cooperative gaming, but PvP is also important;
  9. Scenarios are simplier and more streamlined without card-based system. Cards maybe return as module.
  10. Instead of one big army list there will be a few smaller based on the origin (e.g. US, Russia/Warsaw Pact etc.). There will be possibility to mix the equipment from the list, but for us it allows to make easier updates, and for players making themed armies are quicker. Helicopters are stars of the show, so most of the airplanes are groupped into generic categories (e.g. 3nd generation jet fighters) with only special planes as separate entries.

As the game is much lighter and designed for on-line publishing, with a little luck, I would like to release the first version in late spring 2022 and expand it by modules later.

Stay tuned!


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