14 Feb

Today we release an important update of Stars and Steel ruleset. Version 1.2 is important step to make Stars and Steel the greatest space-opera style miniatures wargame even created :)

The update includes:

  • more intuitive turn sequence with reduced number of phases (in short: artillery fire is resolved immediatelly and the squadrons move after the order and Fighters and Missiles phases are merged into Ordnance phase);
  • increasing the role of fighters with a little more complex rules, which still fit perfectly into the ruleset;
  • rebalansing special orders;
  • adding standard alternate activation as equal alternative to reactive activation,- better close quarters combat,- moving to printer-friendly black and white counters, as I want to make the game 100% print on your own :)
  • a couple of other minor corrections in rules and scenarios.

The Fate & Glory module also got some changes. The cards were rebalanced and adjusted to the core rules in 1.2 version. Also the cards are now better suitable for home printers - just use thick paper and two-side printing option :)

Stars and Steel can be downloaded for free/pay-as-you-want from Wargame Vault section of Assault Publishing Studio.

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