16 May

Stars and Steel ruleset was released 2 years ago and I've added a special starships to game repository at Wargame Vault to celebrate it! This time we have auxiliary vessels, which are the specialised variants of my tranport ships included in MKG's auxiliary pack 1.

The 2 Anniversay Specials set constists of:

  • Apophis class science vessel (Mercury light transport variant)
  • Atiras class yacht (Mercury light transport variant)
  • Triton class troop transport (Neptune medium transport variant)
  • Nereid class hospital ship (Neptune medium transport variant)
  • Galimedes class colony ship (Jupiter heavy transport variant)
  • Metis class heavy mining vessel (Jupiter heavy transport variant)

The ships do not have any special rules, but can be used as mission objectives or simply to add variety to your space convoys.

The set is as STL file for 3D printing.

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